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Appetizers - Entradas


Prosciutto & Cheese - Presunto e Queijo $7.95

Linguiça & Cheese - Linguiça com Queijo $7.95

Linguiça a Bombeiro $5.95

Grilled Chicken Wings - Marinated in wine and spices  $6.25

Mussels - in a pepper, onion, tomato and wine sauce 7.95

Little Neck Clams - in a garlic and white wine 8.95

Buffalo Fingers - chicken strips covered with hot sauce, served with blue cheese dressing 6.25

Buffalo Wings - $6.25

Chicken Fingers - fried to a golden crisp $5.95

Chicken Wings - fried to a golden crisp $5.95

Mozzarella Sticks - breaded and fried, served with a tasty marinara sauce $5.25

Camarão Alhinho - sauteed shrimp in lemon, butter, garlic and topped with parsley $8.25

Codfish Cakes - Pasteis de Bacalhau $6.95

Shrimp Cakes - Rissóis de Camarão $6.95


Soups - Sopas


Soup of the Day - sopa do dia  $3.25



Meats - Carnes


Grilled Chicken Breast - Peito de Galinha Grelhado - marinated chicken breast  $9.50

House Steak - Bife a Casa served with heavy cream and mustard sauce  $15.95

Surf & Turf - Bife com Camarao  - grilled steak and shrimp in garlick sauce  $16.95

Steak Valentine - Bife a Valemtim - grilled steak marinated with garlic and wine  $14.95

Grilled Steak - Bife Grelhado  $13.95

Steak & Egg - Prego no Prato   $11.50

Grilled Steak Tips - Bife Grrelhado aos pedacos  $12.95

Tripe - Dobrada  $11.50

Grilled Pork Loin Strips - Febras Grelhadas  $9.95

Pork Loin Alentejana - Came a Alentejana  $13.95


Seafood - Peixe / Mariscos


Fried Fish Fillet - Filetes de peixe frltos - Delicious hand battered fish $12.50

Garlic Shrimp - Camarao com Molho d'Alho - Sauteed shrimp In lemon, butter, garlic and topped with parsley $ 12.95

Grilled Swordfish - Peixe Espada Grelhado $ 12.95

Bacalhau a Braz $ 12.95

Bacalhau a Portuguesa com cenora, batata, ovo cozido e grao de bico $15·95

Baked Haddock - Filete de Peixe no forno $12.95

Grilled Tuna Steak (8oz) - Bife de Atum $12.95


Side Dishes

French Fries (American or Portuguese style) $2.25

Vegetable Medley  $2.25

Rice $2.25


All dinners are served with a choice of 2 side dishes:

Salad, Rice, Vegetable Medley or Fries




Pork Loin - Bifana - marinated with caramelized onions and served on a Portuguese roll  $4.25

Grilled Chicken - Galinha Grelhada - marinatted chicken breast served on a roll $5.25

Steak Sandwich - Prego no Pao $6.25

Fish sandwich - Sandes de Peixe $6.25

Linguica Sandwich - Sandes de Linguica $5.25

Hamburger - add .50 for cheese or bacon $3.25




Specials change daily


Desserts - Sobremesas


Desserts Change Daily



All menu items and prices subject to change



Our meals are individually cooked to order, please allow us time to prepare your order properly


Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Consumir carnes cruas ou mal cozidas, frango, frutos do mar, marisco ou ovos pode aumentar o risco de doenças transmitidas por alimentos.


Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.

Antes de colocar sua ordem, informe o seu servidor se uma pessoa em seu grupo tem uma alergia alimentar.



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Kitchen 12pm to 10pm - Bar 11am to 1am


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Holy Ghost Society

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